Second Shot Coffee is the East London café bringing people together and tackling homelessness one espresso at a time.

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday: 7.30am - 6pm

Weekends: 8.30am - 6pm

At Second Shot you can get incredible coffee, great food, and a unique atmosphere, and we just so happen to be changing lives.

We employ people who have been affected by homelessness, train them as top quality baristas, before transitioning them on to past or preferred employment. We're committed to taking our staff from where they are to where they deserve to be.

No one chooses to become homeless. A relationship breakdown, or losing your job, people that are homeless are victims of circumstance. The average person in the UK is just 2 pay checks away from becoming homeless.

We operate a pay it forward system. This is where customers can pre pay for food and drink, and later someone in need can receive the goods free of charge. When you buy a pay it forward at second shot, you can either draw on our pay it forward wall, or get 3 stamps on our loyalty card, drawing on our pay it forward wall, and then later someone in need can receive the goods free of charge.

After regular opening hours, the cafe reopens as a hub for homelessness. We partner with charities such as Finest Foundation, Providence Row Housing Association, and Who is Hussain to provide food drives, give out our pay it forwards, as well as provide advisory services to the homeless.

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